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You are a new Garbage Collector, and has been Chosen for an New Exciting Experiment.
Imagine being inside a Strong Cyborg Body, that You Control.

Your Mind will be Transferred into the Body of A Powerful Cyborg.
Because The World Needs Your Help Fighting the Zombies.

Of Course, First You need to collect Enough Garbage to Buy A Cyborg Body.

The 1st Cyborg Core is the the first line of Defense against Zombies.

"Collecting garbage is a simple manually work. That is why we have Cyborgs doing it.
When the Bugs in the Garbage started to Mutate...
We created: 'The Zombie Killing Cyborg'

The 1st Cyborg Core is the first line of defense against
the Dangerous Zombies, that lives in the Piles of Garbage
in the Shadows of the Mega Cities.

You are a Weak, New Recruit, and your first 'Exciting' job is to gather Garbage
and fight the smaller Bugs in the Garbage.

When you start to earn money from recycling garbage,
you can buy better, stronger and Faster weapons....
And in time you can even buy a New, Strong, Fast Cyborg Body.

Buy it here & Now, and join the 1st Core's Elite Team.

Set in the near future of 2035, you starts as a simple Human Garbage collector.

You start as a simple, weak Human, that earns money from gathering packs of garbage.
When you recycle the garbage the right way, you earn a lot of Gold.

You can use the Money to buy Better, Stronger weapons,
or one of the three Gleaming, Strong, Dominating Cyborgs.

The three Cyborgs

There are 5 weapons. A pipe and 4 different guns.
The Biggest Gun is a Fast-shooting, noisy, Large-clipped Mini-gun.
(Mini-Gun is bad at close-fighting, but from a distance you can move down Zombies, by the thousands.

You can upgrade your skills, to carry more garbage, move faster, or see more details.

When you control a cyborg, and it gets destroyed, you revert back to your human body.

You can play local Co-Op in split-Screen. And you can complete the game with a friend....

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