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Expelled - the adventure of a rabbit on dangerous planets, and all in order to use the only chance to get out of prison and return home to his wife and children. Will the rabbit solve all the problems and do not die with a single chance? Only by playing the game you will learn this.

How did he get in prison?

The story will unfold by playing this game.

In game the Space Prison will sent rabbit on the various planets to destroy dangerous monsters.
Planet after planet and so on. But what's hides behind wiping out population of all planets?
Warden Hog gave rabbit a promise to free him after all missions, but will he keep his promise? Or he will just use him in his goal?

Only by playing the game you will learn this.

Expelled is a platform game which features:
- Unusual weapons of the protagonist.
- A way of winning the level is unusual.
- Traps, spikes, etc.
- Storytale.

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