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Nostalgic as well as new! Warp action game!

A fairy "El" and a forest girl "Mia" living in a village

When the two were playing with each other in the forest, there was hard work happening in the village.
Run through exhilarating warp to save villagers!

A fantastic world view like a picture book and beautiful 3D graphics,
Enjoy your imagination and enjoy with the beautiful sound that you listen carefully.
You can enjoy from beginner to core user in 4 different game modes
The game balance is finished.

Action games Beginners can easily play fun!

· Only three operations, left stick, right stick, R trigger!

· Once done, you can start over from that stage soon!

· Break if you get tired! Each stage, auto save function equipped!

· It is a game you can play even if you do not read characters!

The trial version
You can download it from the official website.

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