Brands Mantis Shrimp Studio
Product Code: 738030
35,260 VNĐ
Nun is no ordinary nun. Having been blessed with the power of holy cleansing by God, she starts fighting a modern day crusade to save the world from the communist demons that have taken over. Embark on an epic quest of destroying all the evil foes in the way of righteousness in the form of a classic 2D platformer, a challenge worthy of the most expert gamers while providing difficulty settings for those less in touch with the arcades of old.

The game has simple controls that are hard to master, navigate through the twelve levels featured in the six zones available before facing the final boss, each satirising a specific controversial theme that divorces the church with the modern society, where you may expect a mechanical intensive challenge in order to be able to end communism for good. Monjarmageddon will remind you of classical 8 and 16 bit platformers, but at the same time it provides an automatic game save that will help you progress through the increasingly harder levels, and also provides localisation in several languages so you can enjoy the experience in your own tongue.

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