Brands Nicola Mari
Product Code: 740060
24,600 VNĐ
Accidentally, Pep comes into contact with an extraterrestrial internet connection. This alien connection, called "Infernal_X" and coming from planet Hellx, is now free to destroy the entire planet Earth by infecting all the informatics systems. Pep have to stop this global infection by destroying all the 7 Virtual_Guardians arrived from Planet Hellx (with the help of an internet radiation, Inra) in order to access the Virtual World where the virus Infernal_X is located in order to eliminate it.

In this retro-2D platform adventure game, Pep keep his personal cellphone always working in order to detect where each Virtual_Guardian is located and go through difficult levels in order to reach the goal in each stage, sometime also by using a Virtual_Motorbike with alternative physics laws, and a Virtual_Gun to destroy each Virtual_Guardian during intense boss fights. The game is ispired at the old 2D platform games, both for the general graphics/mechanics and for the difficult that increase from easy to very hardcore.

Main features:
- 8 Worlds, each with a different environment
- Comics cutscenes
- A great variety of game styles in a single game
- Increase in difficult from easy to "old style hardcore"

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