Brands Nova B12
Product Code: 825550
24,600 VNĐ 35,260 VNĐ
BlueberryNOVA will tell you story of a girl who moved to another city and entered a new college. Meet two charming girls: Yuki and Eva. Each of them is unique in its own way and reacts differently to your actions. Will you become the best friends, stay alone or get something more? It's up to you to decide.


- A visual novel about a girl who is transferred to a new place of study.
- Several endings that depend on your choice.
- An opportunity to have a romantic relationship.
- Great music from Tony Longworth.
- Several illustrations that appear in the gallery after opening in the story.


Aika Kashinawa
Age: 19
Hobby: Anime & Manga
Newcomer in college. Transferred due to move into new city. A kind and intelligent girl. Loves to read manga and drink juice.

Yuki Akigawa

Age: 19
Hobby: Anime & Manga
President of the anime and manga club in our college. Cheerful and self-confident girl, gets along well with all students. Wears overhead ears: 3

Eva Tanigashimi

Age: 19
Hobby: Anime & Manga
In life, insecure and quiet girl. Was unable to find any new friends in college. Immersed in a manga, suffers from loneliness.

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